Who are we ...

no philosophical question, but simply introducing ourselves ...

The family Drouven wishes to welcome you on this site and who knows perhaps afterwards in real life at Cheptandiau.

Here we have two houses for rent:

During your stay, you are far from the 'maddening crowd' but never really lonely at the top. Since summer 2002 we have been living here and we love it. In summer we have two houses for rent; one of them, Blanche, is our home during the rest of the year. In summer we move to the great barn, which at the moment is being transformed into our future home.

For us it's marvellous to live out here and we enjoy sharing this lovely spot with others.

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Meet our pets!

Apart from our pets, we have a bunch of chicken and a white duck and normally in summer the horses share the fields with the Charolais cows from our neighbour-farmer.


Domaine des Chevaux

La Grande Grange
Perle & Diego
La Grande Pāture


The domain of Cheptandiau lies in the southern part of the "Parc Naturel de Morvan" in Burgundy. Cheptandiau consists of 25 ha of pastures, a small lake, a forest with mostly chestnut trees.

In the heart of the domain you see the great barn, dominating the rest of the houses Blanche, Rivendel and a small shack where we pile the wood for winter.

The natural surroundings are very suitable for those who enjoy the great outdoors, like to walk or (mountain)bike or simply like to enjoy the sound of silence, broken only by a birds cry.

In the old days Cheptandiau used to be a farm with cows, now it's more of a valley of horses, though in summer they share the grounds with the gentle charolais.

We have pastures and a riding place and could welcome guests who want to bring their own horses.