Religion and History

All over France (so in this region too) much of the cultural inheritance is kept or restored. Within two hours drive from Cheptandiau you'll find the city of Vézelay with the basilique Sainte Madeleine, the Abbey de Fontenay near Montbard, the abbye of Cluny and Tournus and the community of Taizé.

The French are very attach to their 'patrimoine' (heritance), though often in lack of means to keep it all in good state. Even if you do not want to travel much, you will find a church or other building as living memory of the past in almost every small village or town.


Abbaye de FontenaySt. Père nabij VézelayAbdijkerk TournusAbbaye de FontenayStatue église de Tazillynabij TaizéVézelayStatue église Larochemillay